Diagram of a uterus with ovaries in which one has ovarian cancer.

Modern Ovarian Cancer Treatment — What Has Changed?

Three exci­ting lec­tures by Prof. Dr. Seh­ouli give in-depth insight into the deve­lo­p­ment of ova­ri­an can­cer the­ra­py, modern tre­at­ment methods and the latest fin­dings.
Prof. Dr. med. Jalid Seh­ouli, Direc­tor Cli­nic for Gyneco­lo­gy, Cha­ri­té CVK, takes tho­se affec­ted, rela­ti­ves and inte­res­ted spe­cia­lists on an enter­tai­ning, enligh­tening jour­ney into the world of modern can­cer therapy.

Ovarian cancer recurrence

Prof. Dr. Jalid Seh­ouli ans­wers ques­ti­ons about rel­ap­se the­ra­py for ova­ri­an can­cer, qua­li­ty of life and tre­at­ment options.

Highlights in ovarian cancer therapy

On the occa­si­on of World Ova­ri­an Can­cer Day 2021, Prof. Dr. Jalid Seh­ouli gave the lec­tu­re “High­lights in ova­ri­an can­cer the­ra­py”. All pre­sen­ta­ti­ons and back­ground infor­ma­ti­on at: https: //stiftung-eierstockkrebs.de/we …

New knowledge about ovarian cancer therapy

Back­ground and cour­se of modern ova­ri­an can­cer therapy.

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