Podcast: Endometriosis, the ignored disease!

Cha­ri­té Kli­nik für Gynäkologie
With Prof. Mechs­ner and Prof. Seh­ouli Spon­ta­neous­ly, intui­tively, wit­hout a script, pure impro­vi­sa­ti­on! Authen­tic, honest, […]

Singing, dying, premature birth, cancer!

Cha­ri­té Kli­nik für Gynäkologie
What is the code? Prof. Büh­rer visi­ting Prof. Seh­ouli August 7th, 2022 Spon­ta­neous­ly, intui­tively, wit­hout a […]

MyAirShield — protection against viruses, bacteria and germs

Dr. Medi­men­tum
Acti­ve clea­ning of the air with MyA­ir­Shield MyA­ir­Shield is worn around the neck and increases […]

What is the effect of diet on cancer?

Cha­ri­té Kli­nik für Gynäkologie
A who­le­so­me and balan­ced diet ensu­res an ade­qua­te sup­p­ly of ener­gy and nut­ri­ents, vit­amins, minerals […]

Endometrial carcinoma: New Developments and Digital Offers

Cha­ri­té Kli­nik für Gynäkologie
With around 11,000 new cases each year, endo­me­tri­al can­cer (endo­me­tri­al car­ci­no­ma or ute­ri­ne body cancer) […]

Biomarker-Based Models for Preoperative Assessment of Adnexal Mass: A Multicenter Validation Study

Cha­ri­té Kli­nik für Gynäkologie
Aut­hors Mus­tRaf­ał Watrow­ski,1,2,† Eva Ober­mayr,2,† Chris­ti­ne Wal­lisch,3 Ste­fa­nie Aust,2 Nico­le Con­cin,4 Ele­na Ioa­na Braicu,5 Toon Van Gorp,6 Annet­te Hasen­burg,7,8 Jalid Seh­ouli,5 Ignace Ver­go­te,6 and Robert Zeillinger2,* […]

Reconstructive Surgery versus Primary Closure following Vulvar Cancer Excision: A Wide Single-Center Experience

Cha­ri­té Kli­nik für Gynäkologie
Aut­hors Mus­ta­fa Zel­al Mual­lem 1, Jalid Seh­ouli 1, Andrea Miran­da 1, Hel­mut Plett 1, Ahmad Say­as­neh 2, Yas­ser Diab 3, Juma­na Mual­lem 1, Imad Hato­um 1 Simp­le Sum­ma­ry When it […]

Endometrial Cancer App

8He­alth-Manage­ment UG
The endo­me­tri­al can­cer app is aimed at both pati­ents and doc­tors. With the sup­port of […]

Aromatherapy and Cancer

Cha­ri­té Kli­nik für Gynäkologie
The focus of an onco­lo­gi­cal cen­ter is the holi­stic tre­at­ment of peo­p­le suf­fe­ring from cancer. […]

Endometriosis — A chronic disease

Cha­ri­té Kli­nik für Gynäkologie
Endo­me­trio­sis is one of the most com­mon chro­nic dise­a­ses in sexu­al­ly matu­re women, which causes […]

Sarcomas — a rare form of cancer

Cha­ri­té Kli­nik für Gynäkologie
Sar­co­mas are a very rare form of can­cer in the field of tumor dise­a­ses. They […]

Tumor conference – what role does it play?

Cha­ri­té Kli­nik für Gynäkologie
Ima­gi­ne the doc­tor trea­ting you who is not sure about his dia­gno­sis when stu­dy­ing your […]