Prof. Dr. Sehouli presents the Survivorship Clinic

Survivorship Clinic

Consultation hours for long-term survivors with gynecological tumor disease

Fol­low-up care for pati­ents with gyneco­lo­gi­cal can­cer usual­ly extends to the first five years after the initi­al dia­gno­sis. Howe­ver, over half of long-term sur­vi­vors still have symptoms. 

So far the­re is no cont­act point or con­sul­ta­ti­on hour for long-term sur­vi­vors with gyneco­lo­gi­cal tumor dise­a­se in Ger­ma­ny. As a new form of care, the “Sur­vi­vor­ship Cli­nic” will eva­lua­te cli­ni­cal­ly and scientifically. 

The Sur­vi­vor­ship Cli­nic stu­dy is finan­ced by the Inno­va­ti­on Fund of the Fede­ral Joint Com­mit­tee of Health Insu­rance Funds, so that if the eva­lua­ti­on is posi­ti­ve, it is pos­si­ble to offer such a sur­vi­vor­ship cli­nic as a health insu­rance service.

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